Aaron Schwartz a Modern Day Robin Hood


After reading this week’s articles on copy writing and Aaron Schwartz I had mixed feelings. On one hand, I think Schwartz deserves his credit for hit attempt to share digital content from JSTOR with everyone in the world.  On the other, I think that he was stealing and the fact that the federal government was prosecuting him was no fault of his own. I love Schwartz’s belief that all information should be free and available to the public. I don’t like the idea of information being stored away and being sold. I believe in a perfect world academic information would be available to anyone who is willing to read it. But, even with those beliefs I understand that information has been sold since the beginning of time. I bet that the man who invented fire by rubbing two sticks together didn’t show everyone for free. I bet he traded his information for something useful like food to cook on the fire. Soon fire making would be common knowledge but I believe originally the skill had a price and rightfully so. I feel the same about much of the content on the internet. I feel that some knowledge is common and known to everyone and the internet does a great job at letting  people share that information.  I also understand that it takes people a lot of time and money in research to generate new information. Then, it takes a completely different group a lot of time and money to organize and store this information digitally. That is why I am on the fence about this whole issue.  I love the idea of free knowledge but I understand no one works for free. Just because the internet is easily accessible it doesn’t mean it didn’t take someone a lot of time and money to present it.  That is why I liken Aaron Schwartz to Robin Hood because even though he was trying to better society he was still clearly breaking the law to do it.  


Pearl Harbor Wiki


For this assignment I decided to Wikipedia the attack on Pearl Harbor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearl_Harbor_attackr . I thought that this would be a good topic to research because it is a topic that not only had a lot of information on it there was a conspiracy theory about it.  I thought since there is so much information on this topic that I may find a mistake or two that Wikipedia may have missed or that has been change by an up-loader. To my surprise I had a harder time trying to find an official web site I could use to compare facts against. One of my main problems was that was that most of the pearl harbor site that come up right away are for  tours and museums. Though these sites are factual they don’t contain a vast amount of information on the subject.   I finally found a site I was happy with when I Googled the official history of Pearl Harbor and found http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/events/wwii-pac/pearlhbr/pearlhbr.htm. This site was not only official but it contained the large amount of information on the subject I was looking for. Then I began checking out many of the facts to see if they were the same. I was unable to find any facts that didn’t match up. I then began looking at the sources that Wikipedia was using . The first link I clicked on lead me directly to the site I was using for my cross check. I then examined a bunch of the other sites that Wikipedia used and many of them were links to university and government websites. I was very surprised at how many and the quality of references Wikipedia actually used. I was surprised that Wikipedia also recognized the conspiracy theory around Pearl Harbor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearl_Harbor_conspiracy_theory . In the end I was actually really surprised at how factual Wikipedia turned out to be. I think that Wikipedia is actually a very useful tool. Not only did its factst urn out to be true but its content was presented in a much easier and user friendly way.

Digital Scavenger Hunt

1.) Find an op-ed on a labor dispute involving public school teachers from before 1970.

To find an article containing information on public school teacher labor disputes I went to the CCSU Library database. I  searched public school teachers and labor disputes. There was even a tab on the side where I could set it so I wouldn’t see any articles written after 1970. This article discusses 2 schools attempts to create a collective bargaining agreement between teachers and the public school systems.



2.) When was he first documented use of solar power in the United States

To answer this question I used a Google advanced search. This lead me to the U.S. Department of Energy website. He I found a convenient time line on the history of solar power. This is where I learned that William J Bailley invented the first modern solar collector in 1908.


3.) The best resource for the history of California ballot initiatives, including voting data.

To find this information I once again used a Google advanced search. Because this question asked for the best resource I knew I wanted an official website and I was able to find the California govern website. Since I did a Google search of the history of California ballot initiatives, including voting data when I clicked on the link I instantly found all the information I was looking for. 


“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Response

I really liked the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”  I strongly agree with the authors belief that the over usage of the internet and technology is making our brains function differently. The internet has made people so impatient. If a web page takes over 3 seconds to load most people become frustrated and begin clicking the refresh button. It is nice that so much information is readily available but I believe it is almost to easy access this information. I like the author often find myself skimming through articles looking for just a single piece of information instead of reading a whole article and obtaining a wide variety of knowledge. I find it pretty ironic that I even had trouble not skimming while reading this article even though it makes you understand that it is a bad habit. 

Fun facts about me

Hi. My name is Jake Dilts I am a 25 year old senior at CCSU. I am an English major and a history minor. My biggest hobby is playing and coaching sports. I have been playing rugby for 8 years now and I currently play for the Hartford Wanderers. I am also the head coach for the Cheshire High School wrestling team. When I am not playing or coaching I am probably managing my fantasy football team or watching a Sox game.